I Work From Home Online

I work from home online, in fact, I have worked from home online, since 2008.  Over that time it has been in a number of different roles, let me tell you about how I got to where I am now and what I think are sustainable strategies to go from a day job in an office to where I am now (flexible to do what I want, when I want).

First off, my background and a bit about who I am, so you can get to know me a little, I started out life in Knowledge Management, working in Statistics in New Zealand (where I am from and where I am also living now).  I then went on a massive OE (overseas experience) as its called when you leave our little kiwi islands and travel the world.  I went overland on a truck from Kathmandu to London, travelling across, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, back up through Jordan and Syria, into Turkey again, along the coast then right through Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary then onto Austria, Germany, Belgium, France landing up one day in central London in 1989.  It took around five months, and it was one hell of a journey. It was way out of my comfort zone and a massive eye opener!

Within a week I had landed a job at Goldman Sachs and an apartment in Sloane Street, only problem was that I had absolutely no idea about Merchant Banking, who Goldman’s even were or that I had a coveted address in the Capital!  Talk about naive!  I worked as a Librarian and I worked at night, since it turns out Merchant Banks don’t really ever shut.  This was a heady time in banking, big bonuses (for the bankers, not me), and I loved it, the atmosphere was great and it was a lot of fun.

From there I got a raft of cool research roles in Management Consulting, working my way around Europe in between jobs and my way around the different firms until I landed a role at McKinsey and Company.  My favourite job of all of them.  And this is where I got a taster for doing very different things, I was asked to help set up a Knowledge Centre in Delhi for them, which I did (and realised the potential that India had in the Knowledge arena), then I worked in Africa for a stint, before heading back to India.  There I met some people who were to become my future business partners, they had also recognised the future potential that India had and wanted to be a part of that success story.  We wrote a business plan in our spare time and during one of the teams wedding in India, the plan was presented to ICICI (the largest industrial bank in India at the time) and they agreed to fund us.

The rest is history, we built one of the first call centres in India and worked for the likes of Microsoft, AOL, Hewlett Packard and others providing help desk services for their customers.  We sold back in 2006, and I moved back to NZ as my Mother had fallen ill and I bought into a couple of food business in here, we built those up and merged with others, I worked as a Director after I left work to have my daughter in 2008 and then was a bit stumped as to what to do next?

I worked for quite awhile at home and online in Recruiting for another Management Consulting firm, based overseas so I got to juggle looking after my mother with Dementia, who had by then, moved into a granny flat attached to my home and my young daughter with some fairly flexible interviewing of interesting candidates, and while it wasn’t an exciting role it did enable me to work from home at least.  The problem was that I wanted something more…

You see, I loved building businesses it was great fun for me, but there were major headaches in running a company with a couple of thousand employees in India and different headaches running factories when I came back to NZ.  And I knew that I didn’t want to get back into HR dramas and import/export nightmares or operational plans for manufacturing products once more either.  No, I wanted the best of all of these worlds and I wanted to do it on my terms when I wanted and without the headaches that running large companies creates, but don’t get me wrong I still wanted good money…

So I found myself one day in early 2016 on a website about internet marketing that changed my view of how I could accomplish my wish list (of things I was wanting to do, but excluding the things I didn’t want to do) and I thought that I might blog and share my journey with you.  I can tell you about how I work from home online, which is something I know a tonne about, but what is really hard to find out there is a little bit of gentle guidance, the kind that enables you to spot a scam, without losing any money and enables you to assess the pitfalls and highlights of what works and what doesn’t, from someone in the thick of it.  So if you are thinking of building a sideline business with the hope of one day leaving your job, are heading off to have a baby, have been made redundant, are about to retire or just want to start somewhere and see where it leads you, sign up now and come along with me on this journey.  I’ll give you tips and pointers and I’ll help you spot the scams so you can spend only a little and learn a lot and figure out if internet marketing is for you!  Certainly, its not going to make you rich overnight as so many scams would have you believe, but it is possible to earn an extra $100 a day if you get just a little experience under your belt and that’s a great place to start.